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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Just American

My son was working on a school assignment the other night.  He came out to the office where I was working on the computer (AKA:  facebooking) and we had the following conversation.

Him:  “Mom, what nationality am I?”

Me:  (without hesitation) “American”.

Him:  “No, I mean, don’t we have Italian and French and German in us?”

Me:  “If you’re asking about your heritage, yes, you do have all of those.  And Native American and English and Honduran, and probably a few others.  But that is your ancestry, not your nationality.”

Him:  “Well, what about being French-American?  Or Italian-American?  Or Spanish-American?  Aren’t we any of those?”

Me:  “No.  You’re just American.  And you should be thanking God for that privilege.”

(The above picture is actually of the flag on our house.  Wouldn’t it be beautiful if she flew on every house in this nation?)


Spring Break

This week is Spring Break week for our county schools.

Unfortunately for my kids, they had school work to do over the break.  I had encouraged them to get their projects finished early in the break so that the rest of the week can be carefree.  My daughter actually got all of her work done by Sunday night.  My son (who has two substantial-sized extra-credit projects) is still working on his.  He did finish one, but for the second one, he seems to be adopting the “take all week to finish your work so that it stresses you and your mother out for the entire Spring Break” approach.

I also had projects to do over this break.  Much needed home repairs had waited long enough, and I planned to tackle them over this week when I knew I wouldn’t have to stop in the middle of something in order to drive someone to church or golf or school or somewhere outside of walking distance.  I hit the ground running and worked on my projects all weekend.  They migrated into the beginning of the week, but I finished the last one yesterday.

So now, my daughter is free and I’m free for the rest of the week.  And hopefully my son will kick his butt into gear and get his project largely finished so he will have some free time with us.  (Technically his project isn’t due until the end of the month, but let’s be real.  Once he goes back to school and his evenings are filled with homework and church and the “mandatory” video game time, he won’t have nearly as much uniterrupted time to work on it and he should listen to the sound advice of his mother and get as much work done during this week as possible.)

So we’re going to take advantage of this free time by hanging out with friends at our local sports complex to kick around some balls and throw some frisbees.  And eat frozen yogurt.  And we’re going to go to the beach.  And we’ll probably see a movie or shop or eat at the mall.  And we’ll definitely ride our bikes and take the dogs out for walks.  And some of us will stay up late and sleep in late.  And we’ll just take a break from the daily rush.

If you’re lucky enough to be on a break, ENJOY!


First Day on the New Job….Sorta

If you’ll remember, I’m an OT.  And for the last 15 years or so, I’ve been working in pediatrics.  I have my own private practice working with kids with special needs, and this means that all of my treatment hours are after school.  This is, ironically, when my own kids are home.  And it started to present a conflict for me.

So recently I started looking for an OT job with daytime hours.  I began by volunteering in a Sub-Acute Rehab Facility (what most people would still call a nursing home).  I realized that I remembered a lot more than what I thought I remembered about geriatrics.  And the patients are a hoot!  I decided to apply for their prn position (which means “as needed” in medical lingo; kind of like being a substitute therapist) at their facility that was about a 25 min drive from my house.  Lo and behold, I got the job!

So after being interviewed by the Rehab Director (RD) and the Director of Human Resources (DHR), getting drug tested (I passed!  Shew!), and having an FBI background check, we set a start date for….TODAY!  I was told by the RD to show up at 8:00 AM in Human Resources with 2 forms of ID and expect to stay for 4 hours for inprocessing.

So I showed up at 7:55 at Human Resources with 2 forms of ID and a big goofy grin on my face.  The DHR took one look at me and asked what I was doing there.  I told her I was there to start inprocessing with her and she informed me that she had no idea I was coming and she had no time to devote to me today.  Hmmmmm….  This was not the greeting I expected.  I offered to wait a while and just go hang out in the Rehab Department and get to know the other therapists and patients.  She said I couldn’t do that since I had officially accepted the job I was considered employed by them, but I couldn’t interact with the patients until I had gone through orientation.  So she told me to go home and come back next Wednesday for an all-day class.  (That’s a little different than the 4 hours I was told to plan for…)

Seriously?  You’re not ready for me?  Go home on my first day?  I’m flabbergasted.  But, well, OK.

So now I’m home and I’m wondering what kind of company I’m going to be working for.  This morning’s events are not sitting well with me right now, but I just keep reminding myself how much fun it is to work with the patients.  And so I’ll go back Wednesday…for them.

And never one to waste an opportunity, I’ll go to a last-minute breakfast with a friend this morning.  🙂