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Last night I had a nightmare.  Here it is:

The family and I went to a beach cabin, which was really a 2-story log cabin at the beach.  The top floor was the 1-room living quarters with a kitchenette, bed, sofa, and brown leather recliner, all on an old wooden floor.  We had just woke up and Mr. Sunshine was mulling around in the kitchen.  All of a sudden, the Obamas arrived for their vacation at our cabin.  They walked in and Barack sat down in the brown leather chair, reclined, and glared at me.  I was still in bed and I glared back at him.  Michelle took her girls and my kids out to the beach.  I started looking around for my dogs, and opened a hatch in the floor to discover the first floor was full of huge logs.  My dogs were down there, standing on the logs, looking scared to death.  Somehow, Sunshine Girl came up from the beach and got the dogs and brought them upstairs.  Their feet were red and raw, with no fur left on them, like they had walked through something caustic.  The rest of them still had fur, but their skin underneath was red, as if fumes from something had affected them.  Sunshine Girl and I started to rinse them off with cool water.  The dogs looked up at me gratefully and they started to get better.  The whole time, Barack Obama reclined in the corner glaring at me.  And I knew he had something to do with my dogs getting hurt, so I kept glaring back at him.

What the heck does THAT mean???


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  1. Let’s see — using Jungian dream analysis, the house represents your subconscious and the levels of the house represent the different levels of your subconscious. So, the top level of the home, where you are clearly obsessing over how truly horrible a president Obama is actually the part of your subconscious that is closest to the surface of your conscious, about to break through into conscious thought. Since it’s still your subconscious, however, the Obamas cannot really be the Obamas, they simply represent things that you cannot change or control that you are worried will harm you and the ones you love.

    Whereas the lower floor, accessible only through a narrow hatch in the floor, represents the parts of your subconscious that you are suppressing. Typically, that’s where you push down your fears, illicit desires (not that YOU have any), and phobias. So when you lifted the hatch on your deepest subconscious it was full of toxic stuff that hurt living things that you love. So there’s some nasty stuff down there and I suggest you keep the hatch closed.

    For further analysis, find a real psychoanalyst.

    For more of the garbage I’ve spewed above, read my master’s thesis entitled Dreaming and Self-Reflection: A Jungian Analysis of Gail Godwin’s Father Melancholy’s Daughter and A Southern Family.


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