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2014 Top 10 Bucket List

At the start of a new year, I like to set goals that are (mostly) super easy to reach.  Instead of focusing on a resolution (that feels like I am attempting to change a defect), I prefer to think of it as adding an achievement to my blessed life!

I have a friend who made a “2014 Bucket List” for her life, and I decided to start this new year with the same approach.  I culled ideas and suggestions from friends and the internet and said I’d share my list once it was complete.  So, here are my 2014 Bucket List Top 10:

1.  Visit my family in the northeast.

2.  Pay off a large amount of debt.

3.  Road trip to the west coast with my kids.

4.  Read at least one book a month for pleasure.  (I read for work all the time, but rarely get to read for fun!)

5.  Family trip to Disney World.  (We live in Florida and haven’t been to Disney in 8 years!)

6.  Attend a concert for one of my favorite bands.

7.  Deliver a gift and/or handwritten note to an unsuspecting friend once a month.

8.  Learn how to play one song on the keyboard.

9.  Go snorkeling in the Florida Keys.  (We didn’t get to snorkel the last time we went because it rained during our entire vacation!)

10.  Ralk in three 5K runs.  (No, “ralk” is not a typo.  At my age and stage of life and fitness, I don’t push myself to run a full 5K.  I say I subscribe to the Scooby Doo method of training:  I ralk.  Its a combination of running and walking.  As long as I finish the race, I consider it a success!)

OK, that’s my top 10.  What plans do YOU have for this new year?  Whatever they are, I pray that you are blessed with the presence of the Lord!  Happy New Year!

From 2013's list.  Segway tour of St Pete, Florida

From 2013’s list. Segway tour of St Pete, Florida