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Mr. Turkey Man


Every year Mr. Sunshine’s employer gives their employees a free frozen turkey for Thanksgiving.  And every year that Mr. Sunshine has worked for this company, with one lone exception, he has been out of town during the turkey distribution.  One of his co-workers happens to live 2 blocks away from us, and he has graciously agreed to deliver our frozen turkey.  Every year.  This year was no exception.

Today is turkey delivery day.  Since I run in and out of the house most days, there’s no guarantee that I’d ever be home to receive the turkey.  I have been here to personally receive the turkey only once.  So we just put a cooler out at the front door.  It’s quite magical….leave the house for a few hours, come home to a free frozen turkey in the cooler at the front door.  I highly recommend it.


This year, I got my head on straight and decided to properly thank Mr. Turkey Man for his years of faithful service.  So I baked some chocolate chip cookies and put them in the cooler for Mr. Turkey Man to take home and share with his wife and kids. Who doesn’t like baked goods, right?

If you’re at all familiar with me and my opinion of anything to do with food and kitcheney-stuff, you know that this was a magnanimous gesture on my part.  And it will, in all probability, result in a cease and desist request from Mr. Turkey Man.  I don’t cook.  I don’t bake.  I don’t do kitcheney-stuff.

It’s very possible that these cookies will be met with the same reaction from Mr. Turkey Man and his family the same way they are in my own family.  “We like Dad’s cookies better.”

I debated putting an asterisk on the note, informing Mr. Turkey Man that these are my “not-quite-as-unhealthy” version of cookies.  But I decided not to.  He might be inclined to keep the turkey if he knew he was getting a reduced-sugar, higher-fiber version of an All-American treat in return for his kindness.  And I’m not one to look a gift-turkey in the beak.

Happy Thanksgiving!